About ShrubHub: A New Approach to Professional Home Landscaping

For over two decades ShrubHub has been revolutionizing the way homeowners renovate their yards.

Traditional landscaping services cost tens of thousands of dollars, take months to complete, require homeowners to make countless trips to nurseries and hardware stores, and can leave your yard looking… underwhelming.

Our team thought of a better way - one central hub for everything someone with a yard would need:

Transform My Yard

Here’s how we do things differently…

Even though we offer everything above, a full landscaping project can be daunting and kind of intimidating.

So we broke everything down and created a package of essentials.

Instead of charging $15,000 for all of the services above, we shaved off a modest $14,900 and created the world’s first Essential Landscaping Package:

  • 2D Landscaping Design
  • Shopping List with All Elements and Decor Used
  • One Free Phone Consultation with Your Designer
  • One Free Landscaping eBook
  • 24/7 Customer Service

With this package, you can get to work transforming your yard for under $100. You always have the option of using our other services down the road, but you’re not on the hook for thousands of dollars of renovations.

ShrubHub is all about offering our customers value, and showing them how easy and affordable it is to create their dream yard.

ShrubHub in the Media

Our expert designers have been transforming homes across the country for years.

We have worked on everything from hillside escapes to modest country side barns, and each step of the way we have always put our customers first.

Pretty soon the world began to notice - Our company has been featured in:

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Customer Satisfaction

Above all else, our company wouldn’t be able to exist without our loyal customers. Everything we do is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. From customer survey’s (to see what we can do better) to our 30-day money-back guarantee, we want people to love their new home.

If someone buys our essential package and doesn’t love everything about our service, we fully refund the entire purchase price. (Keep the eBook and the designs as our gift to to you!)

Our Customers Have Been Loving It:

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