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Stunning 3D Professional Design
  • Detailed Real-World Visual
  • Large Renovations & Remodels
  • Fully Customizable Options
  • Created by Professional Designers
$967 $297
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With our precise 3D renderings, you’ll see exactly how your new yard will look. Take all the guesswork out of your vision and start your renovation with confidence.

Aerial 2D Professional Design
  • Made for Smaller Renovations
  • Birds-Eye-View Visual
  • Designs Based on Your Style
  • Created by Professional Designers
$399 $97
Order My 2D Design

These 2D designs are perfect for smaller yards & renovation projects. Use your detailed birds-eye-view design list to rework and update your yard.

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Our design service takes between 10 and 15 days to build and deliver to our customers. Because of this, our designers are in high demand and can only take on a certain number of new projects every day.

ShrubHub’s Online Design Service Is Loaded With Value!

Get Everything You Need to Start Building Your Dream Home Today:

  • 1-on-1 Professional Consultation with an Experienced Design Consultant ($175 Value)

  • Landscape & Hardscape Design Based on Your Preferred Style ($450 Value)
  • Custom Shopping List with Door-to-Door Shipping ($50 Value)
  • Product Legend with All Design Elements Used ($100 Value)

  • FREE Bonus eBook: Designer Secrets to Maximize Home Value ($49 Value)
  • FREE Installation Quote from Your Area’s Best Contractors ($50 Value)
  • Hardscape Design - Tile & wood flooring, water features, BBQ areas. ($195 Value)

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Real Customer Stories:

"My wife and I just bought a fixer upper 6 months ago. We knew the yard was going to be a huge project, but it was the one part of the renovation we were pretty clueless about.

We literally went into this process without any idea about landscaping or yard design… but ShrubHub makes it incredibly easy.

All we did was give them an idea about our “style”… they created an amazing design concept and gave us everything we needed to bring it to life. We spent 6 months on installation, but with their shopping list and shipping it was as simple as it could be. $100 to start the biggest DIY project of our new home is an insanely great deal.”

– Michael F, Florida

"I’ve worked with actual landscapers before and have been very disappointed. I had a guy come out about 2 years ago, “designed” my yard and charged me $2,750. It took him a month to get me the design and I didn’t even like what he created.

ShrubHub’s phone consultation ALONE pays for itself. Their experts are ACTUALLY experts and sent me a beautiful design that perfectly fit the style of my home.

I ended up loving their design, the product list, shopping cart of products which I bought about a dozen new plants. The service also included a phone consultation and door-to-door shipping. This entire service was for less than a $100… This service is a no brainer."

– Elena G, Texas

"Summer time rolled around and me and my kids found ourself ONCE again without a pool to escape the heat. We don’t have the biggest yard so a full size pool never seemed possible for us.

Shrubhub took our yard size and somehow designed the perfect above ground pool. It looks sleek and modern, contrasted with a perfectly landscaped hillside. We’re not going to be doing laps any time soon but when my kids come over with their friends, it’s the perfect spot for them to cool off. This service is WELL worth the cost, and I recommend it to anyone looking to spruce up their place."

– Ari M, California

"We just finished using the ShrubHub service for our front and backyard designs. We completed our backyard and it looks amazing. Once we save up a little more money were going to start our front yard renovations. They brought my ideas to life in those designs and they’re absolutely perfect."

– Sue M, California

"Who are these people thinking they’re going to get a full renovation for under 150 bucks!? ShrubHub does exactly what they say they will and they do it great.

We just moved into our new place and I wanted some design ideas for my yard. I didn’t want anyone actually coming over to see our new place until our yard was done. In little over a week, I had my 2D landscaping design for my front and back yard, I had the list of plants and materials they used, and I bought every thing from their online store. Yeah pretty dang convenient."

– Kelly N, California

It’s amazing what a little bit of vision and planning can do to a totally outdated and old space. We had weeds, an old pool and outdated hardscape everywhere.

How would we fix that? We had no idea. Our designer came up with a plan within a week and we absolutely loved it.

From then, it was just working with the landscape contractor that ShrubHub referred us. With a plan and a blueprint, we were able to completely revitalize our outdoor backyard. Now we are having friends and family come over all the time to enjoy the backyard.

– Paula D, Texas

Before ShrubHub, absolutely no one used our backyard other than for a quick moment of silence. Kyle, our designer, took a useless spot and turned it into something we absolutely can’t live without.

Beautiful seating area with plants and accent lights, new concrete layouts and a gorgeous new paint job. All this was possible because of one $100 design. It’s such a great deal.

– Travis K, North Carolina

We bought a home that needed a lot of work. The bones were great, but it needed touch ups both inside and out. Not the least of which was the outdoor pool area.

My husband and I knew we wanted a pool, but we had no idea how much work went into designing around it. We absolutely LOVE our hanging wall garden, and all the cool accent pieces our designer recommended to us.

If you have a big project, or even a small one, ShrubHub’s designs are the best place to start.

– Yajaira R, California

All I knew when we bought our new house is that our entry way had a lot of potential, but it was empty and ugly.

I asked a dozen local contractors what they thought and they said they couldn’t do much, and I was always left disappointed. During my consultation with Ray, I told him I wanted something different, bold, and impressive.

The entire 20 ft wall is covered with beautiful shrubbery. I literally couldn’t picture a more beautiful way to enter a home. I know it might seem weird to some people, but having that burst of freshness as you walk in is just incredible.

– Riley W, NY

"My wife and I have been trying to keep busy during the whole pandemic and redoing are yard is on the honey-to-do list.

ShrubHub was the perfect way to do that, no contact with anyone - just fast, easy, and affordable service to get brand new designs and access to a huge online nursery so I don’t have to go out in public and browse Lowes or Home Depot.

Everything was done quickly and more importantly - safely - from the comfort of my own home."

- Carl, Florida

"Having drought resistant plants was a huge need for us, living in the desert and all. ShrubHub absolutely nailed the design. We have a beautiful new yard that requires little to no additional watering.

We can save on our water bill, help the state with their water supply, help the environment, and live with a stunning yard. And to think it all started with a design that cost under $100. We couldn’t be happier.”

- Alex K, Arizona

“We bought a home about $50,000 under budget so we could really personalize it and make it our dream home. At the end of the renovations, we just needed a small space designed for our new home. Every local designer wanted to charge us $1,500 or more for one design. That’s outrageous.

ShrubHub stepped up, listed to what we were going for, what we wanted, and what we didn’t want. And in less than 2 weeks we had the perfect design to work off of and build a welcoming and relaxing courtyard.”

- Robby A, Georgia

“Just because you have a small patio doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel larger than life. There’s something calming about being around so much green and it was so important to us to have that when we come home.

ShrubHub couldn’t have been easier to work with and I’m so happy we took the time to research our options. We could have spent over $1,000 but came out with a design just as good for 1/10th of the price.”

- Hunter L, Oregon

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Custom designs from “local professionals” can cost you upwards of $1,500 to $4,000.

Our expert designers have years of experience building dream yards. Tired of coming home to dried out grass or a warped deck? Our designers can help you fix that AND increase your home value by up to 23%.

But we don’t need to charge $4,000. We don’t even need to charge $300.

Our team is a network of the best landscape designers in the industry, working from home so we have no overhead. Meaning, all of our savings gets passed on to the customer.

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