Agave Attenuata

  • Plant type: some type
  • Zone: zone
  • Height: 6 ft
  • Spread: spread
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  • This Agave presents to the gardener none of the dangers that its spine-covered relatives do. Massing up to 4 to 5 feet tall by about twice as wide, individual rosettes may reach 4 feet wide atop a stout curving smooth gray stem that rises up to 4 feet tall.
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Common Name Golden Dream Boxwood
Botanical name Buxus Microphylla
USDA Zone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a
Type Shrub
Height 2'
Water Moderate
Light Full sun, Partial shade
Evergreen Evergreen
Foliage Color Green, Variegated
Flower Color N/A


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